About The Collaborative

The Collaborative is funded and supported by the five Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) in the South of England.

In partnership with the five AHSNs, the Collaborative is led and delivered by a faculty of committed professionals. Membership to the Collaborative made up from the 16 Mental Health Trusts in the South of England.

Who we are

The Faculty is made up of a number of professionals, including representatives from our five AHSN’s from across the South of England. The faculty members have a wide range of experience, success and knowledge in improving quality in mental health, and they are committed to the collaborative approach and the spirit of “all teach, all learn”. See our current faculty members using the link below:



Bringing together the mental health organisations in the South of England to form a Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative.

What we do

The Collaborative empowers people with lived experience and healthcare staff to work together to identify and develop solutions to local problems. These will then be implemented and tested within local healthcare organisations before being shared nationally with other collaboratives.

The Collaborative supports individuals, teams and organisations to build skills and knowledge about quality and safety improvement, creates space and time to work on safety issues, and provides opportunities to continually learn from each other.

Sixteen NHS Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Trusts and a number of private sector care providers from across the South of England make up the membership of the Collaborative. The Collaborative was established by the West of England and South West AHSNs, and is hosted by the West of England.