Sharing, learning and improving in mental health,
learning disabilities and autism

The purpose of The Collaborative is to make care safer by improving quality in mental healthcare. The Collaborative is aligned to the national priorities of the Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme (known as MHSIP) and aims to improve the quality and safety of services for people with mental health conditions.

Sharing Our Learning

The Collaborative provides a monthly 2 hour coaching sessions to support members with problem solving, sharing of ideas, and an opportunity to discuss the progress of their projects. These sessions are currently focussed on the reducing restrictive practice projects trusts are undertaking to deliver the Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme.


The Collaborative is funded and supported by the West of England; South West; Kent, Surrey and Sussex; Oxford and Wessex Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). In partnership with the funding AHSNs, the Collaborative is led and delivered by a faculty of committed professionals.

About Us